The Mystery of Land of Donkeys

The prison has newly installed water heaters, LCD screens and Laptops and I do hope from all my heart that they enjoy it if they can. Seeing them in the white suit was enough to let me believe we are getting closer to achieving  our main goal which is: Dismissing  the Regime

Seeing their faces behind bars is a Victory for the revolution, the martyrs and the believers who used to be called dreamers

  • Hosny Mubarak
  • Alaa Mubarak
  • Gamal Mubarak
  • Habib Al-Adly
  • Safwat Al-Sherif
  • Zakaria Azmi
  • Fatehy Soror
  • Ahmed Garana
  • Mortada Mansour
  • Ahmad Nazeef
  • Sameh Fahmy
  • Ibrahim Salem
  • Ahmed Ezz
  • mohamed Abo Al-Eneen
  • Ahmed Al-Magrabi
  • and Many more

Although, it can be accepted by few the fact that the entire government is sentenced to jail as a result of corruption which was decaying the system in Egypt and increased intolerably throughout the past 10 years, but a question keeps rising above all: How can the entire middle east can be infected with the same brand of stupidity to lead them? Same methods of suppression and ruling, even the weapons used against the protesters were the same

How could all those tyrants came to power within the same decade? could it be a coincident? There are not any directing toward any conspiracy theories, however, the question is how come the generation before us was peaceful to the extend they were content with those leaders at a point

On the other hand, there was a striking observation, which is that an entire government can be formed inside the “Farm Prison” if only there was a minister for education. Maybe that hints to the extend of failure in our educational system, thus, they were too slow to even benefit from the corruption around them and those were in charge of raising the future generations to be bright

Fortunately, while doing the time inside they can work on modifying that and they can start their own “farm country”, maybe even benefit from the inmates and colleagues who happen to be businessmen and start an expansion plan to include all their fellowmen outside

Special dedication to all guests in Tora

اهداء خاص لكل نزلاء طرة

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