? The Revolution: What Do We Want Now

Nowadays, walking down any street in Egypt, you will have to come across at least a couple of people who either lost track or unwind their mental grasp on the demands which 25Jan Revolution adopted. The memories of how this revolution brought more than simple political change seems quite lost in the clouds. Some people appear oblivious to all the basic human rights we were deprived of, our right to freedom and life

When it all started it off on the 25th, not one person would have thought we could have come this far within such a short time and without even having to go through what Libya is suffering from genocide. On the other hand, we are at a very critical point. We are reaching a split end

The main demand that was established and maintained from the first day of protests was precise and straight forward: “The People Demand the Dismissal of The Regime” and Mubarak is one part of the equation if not less. Those who benefited from the corruption are far way more of a risk on the revolution and the events following his departure put the society at a test, the means used to abort this revolution worse than any live bullet fired or any bloodshed. Their method was the cold war, giving the people all the time they need to turn against each other and to be separated at different ends of the rope

Although, the question of whether we should stop or not should not go on for one every logical reason, which is that the reason we looped into this war against corruption is yet to be fulfilled. The freedom we gained is being misused and tormented by those who wish to seize what can never be theirs, the credits for the revolution and the rigid right to claim it

All this and we still are not close to the point where we state several very straight forward sub-demands which are a proper  constitutional declaration which help in keeping the country in order not one more amendment than needed

Secondly, ensuring that justice is served by taking quicker steps towards put those involved with any corruption behind bars instead of postponing their court hearings and if there is a lack of evidence, we suggest that the authorities head to the ex-state security officers and investigating them. Plus, why the ex-president is above all misconceptions although many fingers point solely at him and his family

That brings us to thirdly, the State Security. There should be some transparency concerning the exact future of this much hated sector of the police enforce. The measurements that were taking are far away from satisfying as changing its name and job description without glancing towards officers and the people who will actually make it come true

Fourthly, the problem of wages, it is not much of a big deal to issue a resolution of minimum and maximum salaries within each field  and postponing its activation till the end of this year or the end of the transition phase

Another important demand that many tend to overlook, the 10million Egyptian abroad and how they are depressed by underprivileged them from their rights to be Egyptians and helping in the decision making process which will eventually impact them as Egyptians who love their countries, but were driven out of it

Stability can only be achieved if we stop living over boiling oil having a high probability that it might spill all over us. No one can have a life on shifting slides and changing odds





One response to “? The Revolution: What Do We Want Now”

  1. اسامه مصاروه says :

    Dear brothers, you have accomplished one of the greatest revolutions in the human history. Of course, like all revolutions in history, there are those who will always try to thwart it and divert it from its main course. However, I’m not afraid becuase I believe in you and I believe in your ability to transcend all those obstacles set up by those corrupts who have ruined whatever good the july 23 revolution has achieved for the Egyption people which, alas, has been targetted by those corrupted criminals. Don’t you ever give up your right to change Egypt for the better. Egypt deserves every sacrifice. You have the ability to bring her back to the role it played in the past. Make us proud of you, make us proud of Egypt. I’m a Palestinian, a member of the Palestinian minority within the green line, but like an Arab I feel I do belong to Egypt . Egypt has always been the shrine and the inspiration of every proud Arab. Make those days return. You can do it. Don’t you ever surrender. Your revolution isn’t over yet. It has just started. I know you are smart guys but don’t be too much innocent. Stick together and fight for freedom and independence. Yes Egypt has been occupied by internal dark forces, now is the time for real independence. God bless you all. God bless Egypt. God bless the Arabs form the Ocean till the Gulf as we used to say for many years at better times, of course.

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